Album Weeds – British Bechuanaland

1886Album_Weeds_BritishBechuanaland1Album_Weeds_BritishBechuanaland2 Album_Weeds_BritishBechuanaland3 Album_Weeds_BritishBechuanaland5Album_Weeds_BritishBechuanaland4

These are the Cape of Good Hope stamps, with surcharge in capitals and lower-case, reading horizontally.

The stamps with this surcharge are: CC, 4d.; CA, 1/2d. & 3d.; Anchor, 1/2d., 1d., 2d., 6d. & 1s.


The letters of each line of the surcharge are perfectly level. BRITISH measures 7 1/2 mm. in length, from the left-hand edge of the vertical stroke of the B to the outside of the H. BECHUANALAND is 15 1/2 mm. in length, measured the same way. The space between the two words is 4 mm.


The letters are uneven. BRITISH is only 7 mm. long; BECHUANALAND is only 15 mm. long. The space between the two words is only 2 mm. Thus it will be seen that this is not a dangerous counterfeit. I have the 4d., CC, and the 2d., 6d., and 1s. with Anchor.


These have a similar surcharge, but the letters are larger, and are printed vertically on the stamps, reading downwards.



BRITISH, measured as before, is exactly 9 mm. long; BECHUANALAND 18 3/4 mm. long; the space between the ends is 5 1/4 mm. There is a stop after BECHUANALAND.


BRITISH is 9 1/2 mm. long; BECHUANALAND, 19 1/2 mm. long ; the space between the words is 5 1/2 mm. There is no stop after BECHUANALAND.


Genuine—I have no cancelled copies.

Forged.—These bear genuine Cape of Good Hope postmarks, such as 1, 29, 67, and something like 59, with a square, instead of a diamond, in the center, and a numeral, instead of a letter.


From: ‘Album Weeds’, 3rd edition by R. B. Eareé. 1906

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