Spud Papers – St. Vincent

Spud_StVincent11869, 4 Pence. Orange.


Taille-douce on white wove, perf. 11 x/2. Engine-turned design very clear. Long curl hanging down from back of head, very plain, T of St. almost as thick as the other letters. Stop below T of St. is square. Four pence appears like one word.


Lithographed, perf.

Engine-turning very poor and blotched. The long curl at the back of the Queen’s head is scarcely visible, T of St. not a quarter the thickness of the other letters. Stop below T of St. is generally round. FOUR PENCE in two distinct words. Twenty-five in sheet, 5×5.


From “The Spud Papers” by Atless, Pemberton & Earée, 1871-1881.

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