Spud Papers – Braunschweig (Brunswick)

Forgeries of the earliest issues of this duchy are so numerous, and so well copy the poorly-designed originals, that young collectors cannot be too careful in purchasing labels purporting to be Brunswick stamps; more particularly so, now that so many reprints are being placed in circulation.

The only varieties issued without the post horn watermark were those of the first emission 1 s.gr. rose, 2 s.gr. blue, 3 s.gr. vermilion. Therefore all the oblong Brunswick, except of the trio enumerated, found upon unwatermarked paper, are either reprints or forgeries.

Spud_Braunschweig1Spud_Braunschweig2 Spud_Braunschweig31852. 1 S.GR. Rose, 2 S.GR. Blue and 3 S.GR. Vermilion – on White Paper.

We place the three stamps forming this set together, as they are all from a drawing identical in the major parts,—i.e., only varying in the lower riband, and of course the side numerals.


Horse’s tail touches the third perpendicular line from the right side of oval, All the letters in upper inscription clear and separate, We have also seen another counterfeit of the I s.gr. it is a very indistinct lithograph, with the upper lettering too deep, and the R and A touching.


Tail of horse very close to the side of oval; with the naked eye, it seems to touch it. RA of BRAUNSWEIG touch each other; and the right-hand bottom line of A goes under, and touches the U; G is very badly formed, with a peculiar curl where it finishes.

Spud_Braunschweig4 Spud_Braunschweig51 S.GR. Yellow, 2 S.GR. Blue and 3 S.GR. Rose – Coloured paper.




Spud_Braunschweig73 S.GR. Rose – White paper.




Spud_Braunschweig81865. 1 S.GR. Yellow – White paper.

The remarks relative to the forged and genuine of the 1852 issue will apply to these, with the addition, that all originals are watermarked.

There is a very deceptive imitation of the 2 s.gr. on dark blue paper; the chief test lies in the crown, which is considerably too far below the line of oval.


Spud_Braunschweig91/4 S.GR (Drei Pfennig).


Crown as large as in the higher values, upper lettering leaving a fair space above and below it; a marked interval between DRFI and PFENNIG; and a period after the last (contracted) word.


Rather poor, crown small and narrow, upper inscription too deep; the right stroke of N immature, and the final letter larger than the 1; value in lower riband reading almost as one word; no period after PFENNIG.

Spud_Braunschweig101/3 S.GR. (Vier Silbr. Pf).


G of BRAUNSCHWEIG pretty close to the edge of riband, only showing one short and one long stroke between.


From the same drawing as that used to counterfeit the earliest series; showing one short stroke and two long ones between the G in upper inscription and the edge of the band.

Spud_Braunschweig111/2 S.GR. (Fünf Pfennig)


Wide crown, slanting to the left; right forefoot of horse nearly touches the oval; short line divides the fractional figures. The ends of lower riband are rather close to the frame.


Crown small, slanting somewhat to the right; right forefoot of horse at a little distance from the oval. The line dividing 1/2 is almost as wide as the oval containing it. A good interval between the ends of the lower riband and the frame.


From “The Spud Papers” by Atless, Pemberton & Earée, 1871-1881.


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