Spud Papers – Bolivia

Spud_Bolivia8Spud_Bolivia9Spud_Bolivia10Spud_Bolivia11Spud_Bolivia121868. 5, 10, 50, 100 & 500 Centavos

The quintet comprising the present issue are from one matrix; the forgeries are produced upon the same economical principle. With the exception that the impostures are coarsely lithographed, and the originals finely engraved, it is really a matter of some slight difficulty to describe the salient points of difference between the two.


The lower banner-heads on the right- hand upper portion of the stamp reach to the extremity of the circle. The spear-heads above the top star upon each side are shapeless strokes. The lines in the central oval are very close together, and altogether the stamps have a finished look.


None of the banner-staffs on the right-hand side extend to the edge of the central disc. The staff-point above the uppermost star on the left of the stamp is well formed, and is forked to resemble a spear. The horizontal lines in the central design are coarse and far apart, and the Noah’s-ark looking sheep (if it is a sheep) is an object for commiseration.


From “The Spud Papers” by Atless, Pemberton & Earée, 1871-1881.


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