Forged Stamps of Yugoslavia

1916. Issues for Croatia. Surcharged SHS Hrvatska

Genuine vs. Forgery


Genuine essay with surcharge in “steindruck” (Michel #62) instead of the normal letterpress

Only 100 issued


Forged overprint on genuine stamp


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For further research

  • Bosnia and Herzegovia, 1L17-1L20. See Varro E. Tyler, “Focus on Forgeries” #162, Linn’s Stamp News (January 10, 1994): 6 indexed under Bosnia and Herzegovina, Scott P1-P4. (Nos.1L17-1L20 are the perforated versions of Nos.P1-P4).

  • Croatia-Slavonia, 2L28-2L31. Freedom of Croatia-Slavonia issue of 1918. Frank Aretz, Know Your Stamps, Vol. II, pp.40,41.

  • Slovenia Design Types A1,A2. Chain Breaker, 1919 and 1919-20. Lithographed stamps distinguished from the typographed ones. Codex, “The Chain-Breakers of Jugo-Slavia”, the Philatelic Journal of Great Britain, Vol. 63 (October-December 1953): 86-92, continued at Vol. 64 (January-March 1954): 4-9; Frank Aretz, Know Your Stamps, Vol. 1, p.89.

  • 3L40, 3L41. 15k, 20k, Slovenia King Peter I, Lithograph, 1920. Padevet and “Sunday prints” forgeries: Per Friis Mortensen, “Fakes and Forgeries of the Slovenian 15 and 20 Kronen”, Fakes Forgeries Experts journal, No. 8 (May 2005): 109-14, continued at No. 13 (April 2010): 176-79.

  • General Issues:
    20,21. High values of the Provisional issue of 1922-24. Forged surcharge. H.G. Leslie Fletcher, Postal Forgeries of the World, p.88.

  • Italian Occupation, NC1-NC10. Airmail issue of 1941. Alexander F. Newall, Airmail Stamps: Fakes & Forgeries, pp.162,63 (Sanabria Airmail Catalogue 7-14).

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