Forged Stamps of Western Australia

“The Spud Papers”

by Atlee, Pemberton & Earée

1859. Swan

One Penny. Black



Engraved in taille-douce on greyish-white paper. The W of name is cut off square at the bottom. There is a mark just before P of POSTAGE which looks like a w placed sideways, with the commencement of another w. After E of POSTAGE there is a mark like the Masonic square-and-compass emblem, also placed sideways. The first and last letters of AUSTRALIA are both very close to the outer border. Background of engine-turning.


Lithographed on very white paper, imperf. This stamp is printed in very deep black, not at all like the grey-black of the originals. The w of name is sharply pointed at the bottom, POSTAGE on solid label, without marks. First and last letters of AUSTRALIA are at some little distance from the border, but the first is nearer than the last. Background of dots and scratches.

1860. Swan

Two Pence. Vermilion & Six Pence. Green


Engraved in taille-douce. Solid backgrounds to labels (this is copied by the forgeries), w square at bottom as before. N of WESTERN almost touches the border. All the lettering of equal thickness. Central background composed of engine-turned lines.


Lithographed, no watermark, imperf.

W pointed at bottom, N of WESTERN at some little distance from border. Lettering of POSTAGE thicker than the rest. Central background of dots and scratches.

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