Forged Stamps of Uruguay

“The Spud Papers”

by Atlee, Pemberton & Earée

1864. Coat of Arms

6, 8, 10 & 12 Centisimos


The originals of this series are, as a rule, such poor lithographs, that it is impossible to state for a certainty that they are all from one stone; but we are inclined to think that such is the case. All copies show the background more or less blurred. The angles are lined, but in each corner there is a blotch of colour. The space between the central design and the band containing value is generally solid, but sometimes a line is here and there visible, due to defective printing. There is a large white dot both before and after REPUBLICA ORIENTAL. All the letters, except the first, are fairly formed, and are placed upon a solid band of color, divided from the central device by a thin white line, not showing beyond N on the right side. The wreath (supporting the shield) well fills the solid space containing it. The horse and balance in the shield are, considering their size, plainly drawn. The lower label projects slightly beyond the background, on the left side, but is a line from it on the right. Each value is from a separate drawing.


6 Centesimos

Entire background and space above label of value clearly lined. No dots either before or after chief inscription. Many of the letters badly shaped. Wreath evidently not passed a budding state. The armorial balance represented by,—well, anything from a bill-file to a bird-cage. Lower label at an equal distance from each side of the background.

8 Centesimos

All the background solid, so that the lettering is upon it, and not upon a band. No period after inscription. Whole execution wretched.

10 Centesimos

Between the lettered solid band and the upper line of frame, there is a slight lined space. Small dots before and after inscription. No white line line between the inscribed band and the central device. Label with value at some distance from each side. Figure 1 with no head-stroke,—it has one in the genuine.

12 Centesimos

Entire background solid, as in the 08 c. A badly-shaped dot before and after chief inscription. Front part of a donkey in upper right portion of shield. Label with value at equal distance from each side.


1 Centisimo



The solid center of figure is outlined with a thick evenly- patterned line. Between the pans of the balance and the thick line beneath, are two lines of shading. Above the mountain the shading does not come lower than the head of the figure, CORREOS is nearly as deep as the band containing it. That portion of the outer ornament nearest to the c of REPUBLICA touches the white line of frame.

First Forgery

Figure outlined with a straight line. Top of mountain lost in the shading. Bull very like a mule, or a Noah’s-ark lamb. CORREOS much smaller than the band containing it.

Second Forgery

Figure outlined to copy the original, but the pattern is not distinct. Between the pans of the balance and the thick line beneath are three lines of shading. Above the mountain the shading comes below the head of figure, and down to a line with D. CORREOS smaller than the space containing it. The outer ornament nearest to C on the left side is at some distance from the white line of frame.


5 Centisimos



There is a space between the figure and the lower line. From the background there are short dashes by the head of figure. MONTEVIDEO commences exactly under the side line of inner frame. The armorial insignia are all distinct.


Bottom of figure touches the line below. Between the small lettering forming the background, and the head of figure upon each side, there are no short dashes. The tail of the 5 almost touches the upper portion of that figure, M of MONTEVIDEO at some little distance from under the perpendicular line. Between the two last letters considerable space.


10 Centisimos



Inner rectangle of a single line throughout. Between the numeral o and side, lettering is visible. Shield runs into the line inside the figure 1. Beneath the numerals a line of inscription is complete and unbroken. The lettering is all even.


The central rectangle has a double line above. The numeral 0 almost touches the side line.
There is no stroke preceding or following the lettering within the numeral mentioned. Shield does not touch ‘ the line within the figure 1. Final o of name very small.


15 Centisimos



Background as fine as in the other values. Sun’s face is before the figure, the point of the shield going against the nose. The surcharging upon the 1 is small, and in the middle. Upon the 5 is CENTECI, and portion of M. The numerals do not touch below, and the top of the 5 is flat.


A whitey washed-out looking article, with background of lettering much too large and far apart. The right side of the sun’s face obscured by the 5, the tail of which numeral is close to the side. Figure 1 with the surcharge very prominent, beginning at some distance from the base, and finishing close to the top. Second figure inscribed CENTECIMO, with the final letter very small. The two numerals touch below, and the top of the 5 turns up.


20 Centisimos



Execution fine. Below the center of shield is CIM (c not plain in top line) five times repeated. Under both numerals are two unbroken and distinct lines of inscription. Upper and lower lettering commence at some little distance from the side.


Very poor, the small lettering being scarcely readable. Exactly under the shield is NT five times repeated. Under the 2 there is only one unbroken line of inscription, R of upper lettering close to side, and M below the same.

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