Forged Stamps of the Roman State

“The Spud Papers”

by Atlee, Pemberton & Earée

1852. Coat of Arms

1 Scudo



Epargne. Chalky pink. Two of the crowns on tiara Very distinct. Cross at top of tiara does not touch the lettering above it. F of FRANCO has a very large bottom stroke, which makes it almost like an E. No stroke at top of A in POSTALE. E of POSTALE larger at the bottom than the top. D of SCUDO flat at the bottom. Paper slightly yellowish, and gummed.


Lithograph. Vermilion-rose. Three plain bands on tiara instead of crowns. Cross at top of tiara runs into base line of first L in BOLLO. F. of FRANCO has no bottom stroke. Small cross stroke at top of A in POSTALE. E. of POSTALE considerably larger at the top than at the bottom. Base of D in SCUDO cut away obliquely. Paper very white, ungummed. Printed in sheets of 36; 4X9.

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