Forged Stamps of St. Helena

“The Spud Papers”

by Atlee, Pemberton & Earée

1864. Queen Victoria

1 Shilling. Green



Engraved in taille-douce on white wove paper, watermarked with cc. and crown; perf. 13. It is sometimes impossible to see the watermark, so this test is not always available. The general background of the stamp is formed of a very distinct engine-turned pattern of fine white lines, and the background of the central medallion is an engine-turned pattern of coloured lines. This central medallion is bounded by a very fine line; and the convex portion of each outer scallop of the central engine-turning touches this line, leaving a row of white half-diamonds all round the inside of the fine circular line.


Lithographed, on thinnish white wove paper, unwatermarked; pin-perf. 12 1/2. The white engine-turning of the background is very indistinct and blotched. The colored engine-turning of the central medallion is better done, but the little white half-diamonds round the outside of the medallion are not visible, and the fine line which surrounds the
medallion seems to be only a part of the engine-turning. As the originals are taille-douce engravings, the ink stands out well in all the dark parts; but the forgeries, being lithographs, do not exhibit this peculiarity.

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