Forged stamps of Ryukyu Islands

1950. Definitives. 50 Sen

Genuine vs. Forgeries



The overprint consists of 5 horizontal bars



Type B – Overprint has only 3 bars



Type B – Overprint has only 3 bars


Gushikawa postal forgery

Type B – Overprint has only 3 bars

Position 17 in the sheet


Gushikawa postal forgery

Type B – Overprint has only 3 bars

Position 61 in the sheet


Gushikawa postal forgery

Type B – Overprint has only 3 bars

Position 71 in the sheet

Gushikawa Postal Forgery


Gushikawa postmark

All Gushikawa postal forgeries were mailed from the same post office between 26. November 1952 – 3. November 1953. They all bear the Gushikawa postmark shown above

Thanks to Antonius-Ra for image of genuine stamp


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