Forged Stamps of Phillippines

“The Spud Papers”

by Atlee, Pemberton & Earée

1864. Queen Isabella II

3 1/8, 6 2/8, 12 4/8 & 25 Cents


There is the slightest depression under the chin. The hair over the ears is waved, with even undulations, and the back hair is clear and shows careful arrangement. The bow and ends of riband are distinct; the latter slant towards the side. Diadem is very distinct, and shows nine pearls and three jewels. Looped oval goes up close to the upper riband. Period before CORREOS rather below the center of the C, and slightly nearer to the end of riband than to the inscription.


There is a small, but marked depression beneath the Queen’s chin. The hair is waved at the side of the head, and three of the twists (if they may be so called) are wide and prominent; the ends of the riband below the back hair hang straight down, and are close together. The nape of the neck skews a kind of white loop, as thick above as below. The diadem is indistinctly drawn, and the pearls cannot be counted. The loop pattern surrounding the center is poorly done, and permits a considerable portion of the background to be seen between it and the upper riband, C of CORREOS is rather like a G. The period before the C of upper inscription is on a level with the middle of that letter, and nearer to it than to the end of the label.

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