Forged Stamps of Nova Scotia

“The Spud Papers”

by Atlee, Pemberton & Earée

1861. Queen Victoria

1, 2 & 5 Cents


Beautifully engraved in taille-douce; perf. 12. More than half the lower part of the ear is visible, and the central passage is very distinct. The head stands out well from the background, and there is no pupil to the eye. The face has a good-tempered, rather sleepy expression. The nose is strongly aquiline. The last pearl of the tiara just peeps out from the hair.


Very poorly lithographed; perf. 12 1/2. Only the lobe of the ear is visible. The head is flat, and does not stand out from the background. There is a dark outline to the profile of the nose and mouth and part of the forehead, which is not seen in the genuine. There is a pupil to the eye; the expression of the face is staring; the outline of the nose is straight. All the pearls of the tiara are equally distinct, or rather, indistinct.

1861. Queen Victoria

10 & 12 1/2 Cents


Beautifully engraved in taille-douce; perf. 12. The eyes are small, with a distinct pupil. The eyebrows are light, especially the outer corners. There is very little light on the hair.


Very poorly lithographed ; perf. 12 1/2. Very large staring eyes, with a dark iris, but no pupil to be seen. The eyebrows are equally dark throughout their whole length, and they meet over the nose. There are patches of light all over the hair.

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