Forged Stamps of Luxemburg

“The Spud Papers”

by Atlee, Pemberton & Earée

1852. Wilhelm III

10 Cents & 1 Silbergros.


Engraved in taille-douce, watermarked W. All the colors and values appear to be from the same die. The loop of the P of POSTES reaches down nearly to the bottom of the upright stroke. The face has a tolerably pleasing expression, and a considerable portion of the ear is visible.


Coarsely lithographed; no watermark. The loop of the P of POSTES is very small. The face has an idiotic look, the nose is out of drawing, the nostril absurd; and the sovereign appears as though he were on the point of being sick! The N of CENTIMES is upright (it is much slanted in the genuine) and there is a considerable space between the E and R of SILBERGROS. There is a stop after this latter word in the forgeries, which is not found in the originals.

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