Forged Stamps of Ireland


1922. King George Surcharged

Genuine vs. Forgery


Genuine SG#1a


Forged overprint on genuine stamp

1982-1990. Cahir Castle. 1 Pound

Genuine vs. Forgery



Comb perforated 15 x 14


Postal forgery

Line perforated 15


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  • 1-62. Overprinted stamps of Great Britain, 1922,23.48 Forged overprints: J.E. Foley, “Introduction to Irish Philately: Forged and bogus material”, Stamp Magazine (U.K.), Vol. 38 (June 1972): 52,53. See series and individual stamps below for more citations.
  • 1-14. Dollard overprints. Forged overprints: Erie Philatelic Association Committee on Forged and Bogus Material, “The Dollard Five Line Overprint”, The Revealer, Vol. 22 (Fall 1971): 802-5. Forged overprints on high value stamps: Erie Philatelic Association Committee on Forged and Bogus Material, “Dollard Four Line High Value”, The Revealer, Vol. 21 (Winter 1970-71): 750-51. Bogus overprint on 1/: Anon., “Fakes And Forgeries”, The Revealer, Vol. 18 (October-December 1967): 673.
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  • 36-38. Thom narrow five-line overprint, 1922. Forged overprint: Report of Committee on Forged and Bogus Material of Eire Philatelicc Associates, The Revealer, Vol. XXIV (July 1974): 932.
  • 58. 10/, 1922. Forged double overprint: H.G. Leslie Fletcher, “The ‘Double’ Overprint On The 10/ Waterlow”, The Revealer, Vol. 18 (October-December 1967): 666-70.
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  • Madame Joseph fraudulent postmark, 13 OCT/ 22. Derek Worboys and Roger B. West, Madame Joseph Forged Postmarks, p.61.

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