Forged Stamps of Heligoland

“The Spud Papers”

by Atlee, Pemberton & Earée

1867. Queen Victoria

1/2, 1, 2 & 6 Schilling


1/2 Schilling: The upper line of central frame is level with the bottom curl of the 2 in left-hand top corner. All the lettering is fine and even.

1 Schilling: Bottom stroke of 1 is a shade above the outer line of central frame in both upper angles. In the lower left corner the 1 is at some distance from the inner rectangle.

2 Schilling: All the figures are uniform, and in the center of the squares containing them. There is the same distance between the labels and the outer line upon the left side as upon the right.

6 Schilling: The genuine resembles the 2 Schilling in details.


1/2 Schilling: The center of the figure 2 in left upper corner is on a level with the top line of inner frame. Letters in the repeated word SCHILLING are rather thick, and slightly uneven.

1 Schilling: Bottom stroke of 1 in both upper angles is on a level with the outer line of central frame. The figure in lower left corner almost touches the angle of inner frame. Lettering as in the 1/2 Schilling.

2 Schilling: The figures in the lower corners are nearer to the side labels than to the outer line. The inscribed label on the left side is farther from the frame than the one upon the right.

6 Schilling: Like the forgery of the 2Schilling. It may be mentioned as an additional test, that, in the counterfeit, the 6 in the lower left-hand corner almost touches the inscribed label, and that all the figures are too short.

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