Forged Stamps of Denmark

“The Spud Papers”

by Atlee, Pemberton & Earée


2 Rigsbankskilling. Blue



The genuine stamps are usually covered with a fancy pattern in pale brown, over the whole surface of the paper, and probably designed in addition to the crown watermark, as a preventive to forgery.


  1. Slight cross above crown is on a solid ground which projects into the background, and is therefore prominent. In the genuine it is not to be distinguished readily, being upon the pattern of the background.
  2. Crown too broad and regular; the fine open spaces, so prominent here, and all of a like oval shape, are smaller and most irregular in the genuine.
  3. The absence of any dot after POST is very conspicuous, for the genuine bears a broad oblong mark for a period.
  4. The post-horn is thin, and lacks the bold curl on the genuine which nearly hides the mouthpiece; and that curl is shewn (in the genuine) by a clear circle of dots.

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