Forged Stamps of British Virgin Islands

“The Spud Papers”

by Atlee, Pemberton & Earée


1d, 4d, 6d & 1s


1d: Groundwork of oval is finely-engraved; the lamp-cords are barely discernible; and the letters in the lower inscription are considerably less in depth than the label containing them.

4d: The dots surrounding the lettering are small and rather indistinct. The pattern of the ground is finely and evenly engraved, and resembles chain-armour. The stars are small and separate, and the head of the virgin is clear and expressive. The devices in the angles are both of one size and design.

6d: The center has a very fine, but still distinct groundwork of wavy lines. None of the lamps touch the border on the right side. The nimbus is at some distance from the border, and the foot barely touches it.

1s: There are no spaces in the positions upon which they are found in the forged; but there are rays extending from behind the figure underneath the sleeves, more prominent upon the right side than on the left. The eight stars can be distinctly counted.


1d: The lines composing the groundwork of the central oval are uneven and far apart. The cords, from which, the lamps are suspended, are very distinct. There is only a slight space above and below ONE PENNY.

4d: The dots above, below, and between the several words forming the inscription, are a great deal too prominent. The mosaic pattern of the groundwork consists of little ringlets in coarse squares, comparatively speaking, far apart and irregular. The stars surrounding the head are ”blotchy”, and almost run into each other, in a way that quite sets the planetary system at defiance. The head itself gives one the idea of a gentleman suffering the miseries of tic-douloureux, with his face bandaged up. The ornament in the left-hand corner is smaller than the one on the right, and of a slightly different pattern.

6d: This is the worst forgery of the quartet, the execution being simply wretched. The groundwork of the stamp is almost white, from the lines being so indistinct. The lamps are much too plainly drawn; three of those on the right side touching the border. The nimbus touches the upper border line, and the foot of the virgin the lower, G in the inscription is almost an o.

1s: There is a white space extending from the right shoulder of the virgin to just below the sleeve of her tunic, and a similar space below the sleeve on the left side. The stars are mixed in one chaotic semicircle.

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