About Stampforgeries.com

The story behind this website

Mission Statement

I created Stampforgeries.com to solve the problem of stamp forgeries – once and for all. My vision is to display all forgeries ever created next to a genuine stamp for easy comparison.

Status so far:

  • Cover 225 countries
  • 6639 high resolution images

The goal:

  • Cover all countries
  • 15000+ high resolution images

Besides displaying forgeries, I want to show characteristics of genuine stamps:

Lombardy and Venetia # 2 - Genuine characteristics

Lombardy and Venetia # 2 – Genuine characteristics


Everything on stampforgeries.com is free of copyright. I believe information should be free, and welcome use of material from this site. Please let me know of projects you are pursuing, and provide a link back to this site.

There are three problems with philatelic websites today:

  1. Discontinuation of sites. People die or lose interest.
  2. Information posted on various discussion fora with accompanying images hosted on other sites. These images tend to disappear over time.
  3. Websites not optimized for Search Engines making them hard to find.

I want Stampforgeries.com to be useful for decades to come. To mitigate the issues mentioned above, I rarely link to content on other websites, but integrate the content on this site instead. This is especially true for images, as they are the foundation of this website. Besides images kindly sent to me, I use images from various on-line sources.

I need your help !

I need literature to research new content. I am continuously expanding my reference library. I am currently looking for these books:

Digital format:

 Regular Books & Magazines:

Another way of helping is by volunteering your time/expertise. Lack of time is the biggest challenge for me. I could work full time on this for years – and still not reach completion any time soon. Showing genuine characteristics like the example in the left pane is especially time consuming. So, if you are very knowledgeable about a subject, have images of genuine & forged stamps, and would like to help me write the ‘authoritative forgery guide’ for YOUR subject, please contact me.

Best Regards,

Morten Munck, Denmark


You can support this website by donating literature from the list above.

Please contact me.